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The Marketing Environment of Golf Clothing - Case Study Example

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The author of "The Marketing Environment of Golf Clothing" paper states that the prospects for golf wear in the UK are very bright but the strategy should be in alignment with the funds available and taking into account the strengths of the competitors…
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The Marketing Environment of Golf Clothing
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Extract of sample "The Marketing Environment of Golf Clothing"

Download file to see previous pages People travel away from home to watch or play sport and participate in events. Golf as a sport has also gained immense popularity in the UK. Even to play golf, people like to play on a different golf course. The fact that the UK Royal West Norfolk Golf Course spent £165,000 in 1990 to improve sea defenses, demonstrates the popularity of the sport in the UK (Perry, 2004). With the importance of sport, wide opportunities exist for new design and material for golf wear.

UK is a fairly stable nation with the new Prime Minister continuing with the policy of having the UK play a leading role in Europe even as the UK maintains its strong bilateral relationship with the US. The prime minister is normally the leader of the largest party in the Commons, and the government is dependent on its support (BEEA, 2008).
In 2006, the UK economy was the fifth largest in the world and is forecast to have the strongest business environment of all major European economies between 2005 and 2009 (RBCC, 2007). With a population of 59.8 million, the UK attracts about 24.4% of global FDI. It is one of the most competitive locations in Europe for business with very low unemployment level. Over the last ten years, GDP growth in the UK has consistently outpaced growth in Europe. The UK is one of the leading trading nations in the world and fifth-largest importer of merchandise. The government is committed to reducing the burden of regulation on business by 25% by 2010 (UKinvest, 2007).

The retail sector in the UK in the heart of the economy employing about three million people (Mesure, 2007). The UK industry has experienced exponential growth in the last decade, not merely in women’s clothing as fashion is generally associated with, but in menswear childrenswear and accessories as well. The cost of production in the clothing sector in the UK is very high due to high labor rates. Due to this, most of the clothing is imported from other countries. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Marketing Environment of Golf Clothing Case Study.
(The Marketing Environment of Golf Clothing Case Study)
The Marketing Environment of Golf Clothing Case Study.
“The Marketing Environment of Golf Clothing Case Study”.
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