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Sustainability Corporate Social Responsibility Report for a person who wants to invest in a business - Assignment Example

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These efforts are not limited to the requirements by the regulators and environmental conservation activists. Sometimes it is referred…
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Sustainability Corporate Social Responsibility Report for a person who wants to invest in a business
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Download file to see previous pages Large companies are dedicating real time and cash to programs geared towards environmental sustainability, alternative clean sources of energy and a variety of social welfare projects that benefit customers, employees and the community at large. The corporate social responsibility is a self-regulatory mechanism that has been incorporated in modern businesses. Critics suggest that corporate social responsibility diverts the attention of businesses from economic duty, while the proponents claim that companies benefit in terms of profit in the long run. However, research has indicated that corporate social responsibility has had a neutral effect on financial outcomes (Kao 2010).
The management and coordination of social, environmental and financial obligations such that there is responsible, ethical and progressive success is referred to as corporate sustainability. Environmental, social and economic expectations are regarded as the major cornerstones of sustainability. Traditionally corporate cultures, social and environmental issues were considered to interfere with financial objectives. However, this has evolved over time and today there is harmony among the four. In order to invest wisely in a certain corporation, it is critical to analyze the corporate social responsibility and sustainability of the business (Kao 2010).
Let us consider the case of a multi-national corporation known as Adidas. This corporation creates and produces sporting equipment’s like shoes and jerseys. It is the multinational for the Adidas Corporation and it is based in Bavaria, Germany. (Borowski 2013) By holding, it means the company owns other companies’ major stock and does not produce the goods or services, instead, its role is to own shares of other companies to form a group. The Adidas Group comprises of the following companies; Reebok sportswear, Adidas Golf that consists Ashworth, Rockport and a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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