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Sustainable Business and Ethics - Thesis Example

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This essay demonstrates that the general leadership mission, vision, value framework and the relevant leadership elements of sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be designed for the international business plan as developed for Adidas…
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Sustainable Business and Ethics
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Download file to see previous pages The mission statement of Adidas Group is to become the global leader in the arena of sporting goods which encompasses brands that are developed on the passion for sporting lifestyle and sports as an important consumer-oriented aspect. The mission statement of Adidas suggests that the company focuses on being a leader in design and innovation of sporting products based on the changing needs and demands of the customer groups. Additionally, this mission statement also suggests that Adidas is a company driven by passion and innovation which it aims to incorporate through every part of its value chain and business functionalities. The mission and vision statements formulated for the Adidas business plan are designed on the basis of the primary objective of these statements to address the organizational components, organizational value chain and the organization as a single performing unit.
The sustainability initiatives of the company encompass different innovative strategies and initiatives like investing in suitable Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR) initiatives, focusing on maintaining legal and ethical compliance and ensuring the adherence to the international and local regulations and policies of operating in the sports good industry. Becoming a sustainable company has remained one of the primary objectives of Adidas. For achieving the desired level of sustainability in its business practices and functions, Adidas has dealt with varying internal and external challenges. There are five key challenges that have to be faced by the company in its current initiative of tapping in the sports industry of the United States of America. These include being competitive, being a preferred employer, being a responsible multinational company, show an adequate amount of environmental responsibility and also ensure the maintenance of sufficient levels of social responsibility in the management. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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