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Apple: Competing In The Global Arena - Case Study Example

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This study "Apple: Competing In The Global Arena" focuses on the strategies Apple should apply to launch a new computer. The writer thinks that the new pricing strategy may help Apple to better compete with the non-Mac user market but might cause some issues with the brand image or recognition…
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Apple: Competing In The Global Arena
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Extract of sample "Apple: Competing In The Global Arena"

Download file to see previous pages Considering that the company's resellers motionless account for further than 50% of its household sales, the company is opposite the risk of cannibalization and might intensely suffer.
Why is Apple holding so much cash? Having too much cash in reserve might either mean that the company does not know yet how to allocate it or that they may have some risk concerns about future potential investment.
Apple is obviously one of the handful of companies where the fortunes are seen to be intricately tied to the person in charge. The star excellence and the thinker talents linked by professionals Jobs are certainly contributed to the success of the company. So the news of Jobs cancer surgery might lead to a succession problem and compromise the company's future.
Apple achieved a solid performance for the first quarter of 2005 compared to the same quarter 2004 with strong net sales in the Americas segment (+77%) in Europe (+63%) and Japan (+18%). The Americas segment represents approximately 47% of the company's total net sales. The increase in net sales in the Americas, Europe, and Japan was primarily driven by increased demand of the iPod and the consumer-oriented iMAC (Apple Computer, Inc. (AAPL), 2006). Demand for the iBook products were especially high for the Americas, while peripherals and other hardware were more popular in Europe. The retail segments net sales grew to $561 million as compared to $273 million in the same period in 2004, this represents a remarkable 105% increase.
Apple strives for continuous improvement in our environmental, health, and safety management systems and the environmental quality of our products, processes, and services (Environmental Health and Safety Policy Statement, 2006).
Meet or exceed all applicable environmental, health and safety requirements. Where laws and regulations do not provide adequate controls, Apple will adopt new standards to protect human health. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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