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The procedures allow the company to gain competitive advantage, increase sales, maintain customer loyalty or acquire new customers in new areas. One of the firms that have adopted international…
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Competeing internationally
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Competing internationally al affiliation Competing internationally There are several strategies that companies can use to compete internationally. The procedures allow the company to gain competitive advantage, increase sales, maintain customer loyalty or acquire new customers in new areas. One of the firms that have adopted international strategies is Apple Inc. The company uses the home replication, global and multi-domestic strategy.
The home replication strategy entails the centralization of the development of the company’s products in the home area. Once the products have been developed, they are transferred to the overseas market for sale (Sekely, 2015). On the other hand, the global strategy is also applied by the company. The approach entails a centralized decision-making process, the sale of standardized products and the differentiation of products. The centralization of value chain areas in the strategy helps the company to enjoy economies of scale as only a few value chain areas are used by the enterprise. Moreover, the method entails the development of reliable logistics to ensure that the supply chain meets the needs of the consumers before the competitors can get to them. The multi-domestic strategy is another approach that is rapidly used by the company (Hill & Jones, 2014). The approach entails the decentralization of decision-making in the particular country of operation once the products have been supplied. The decentralization enables the company to respond to issues that the clients may raise about the product. It is such responses and interaction with the customers that has allowed Apple to gain an edge over its competitors by building a strong customer base in sales and delivery and customer service (Halikias & Salavou, 2014).
The most suitable method among the ones chosen by the company is the multi-domestic strategy. The strategy enables the company to handle the issues that come from the specific market of location and thus is better off compared to any of the other strategies. Also, the strategy helps the company to be in constant contact with the target market; hence it is easy to respond to issues that may arise. It is also possible to modify the products to meet the needs of the specific target market depending on their needs (Halikias & Salavou, 2014).
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Competeing Internationally Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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