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Cloud Computing Services - International Business Machines - Assignment Example

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This paper under the title "Cloud Computing Services - International Business Machines" focuses on Cloud Computing ensures the high-level scalability and availability at a low cost. Cloud Computing encompasses all those services, which are not incorporated in the NIST. …
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Cloud Computing Services - International Business Machines
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Extract of sample "Cloud Computing Services - International Business Machines"

Cloud Computing Services - International Business Machines
Cloud Computing is valued by (Stipic and Bronzin) as it ensures the high-level scalability and availability at a low cost. Cloud Computing encompasses all those services, which are not incorporated in the NIST “National Institute of Standard and Technology” definitions. Business value creation is possible through the provision of a new platform. Cloud Computing is used to determine the business models for the promotion of competitive advantages in the market.
Microsoft Corporation.
Microsoft’s strategy of cloud computing is materializing as the overall progress of software and service strategy (Stame).
Figure: Cloud Computing at Microsoft from (Microsoft)
It has been also reported that Microsoft Corp has gone into an alliance with Fujitsu Ltd. Cloud computing is internet based technology and provides information on software, resources and other services on demand. President of Fujitsu Masami Yamamoto briefed on the alliance and hoped they will earn the long-term growth at a global level to become competitive and comprehensive (OSAWA). Microsoft values IT services for business through making innovations. Microsoft follows the ISO 27001:2005 accreditation. Employees are enabled to access the cloud computing services at any time and any place. Cost on the development of a critical infrastructure in avoided by Cloud computing services (Microsoft).
International Business Machines (IBM)
IBM is another example of a global business that deals with the largest public as well as private sectors of the world. IBM is in direct competition with the IBM is making efforts to win a big share of the market based on its broad technology offers and industry knowledge. IBH has identified the cloud computing as a major contributor the revenue including the data analysis software and technology systems for urban areas. However, IBM changed the business strategy and valued the smaller sized companies for increasing their share in the market (ANTE).
Public Sector of United States
“Cloud First” strategy of US government is becoming fast as Federal budget 2011 was focused on the incorporation of Cloud Computing in order to reduce costs and increase the efficiency (Chandrasekaran and Kapoor).
Cloud Technology Suggestions for the New Corporation:
Based on the above examples, it is known the cloud computing is the ultimate need of the global companies in the future. Innovation in the corporation is driven by the power of Cloud Computing technologies. Now a small business company can trap the resources and increase the capacity for growth in the busy periods. Money is saved at various fronts such as the server maintenance, cooling costs, software licensing, and up gradation of the applications. Microsoft also presents that companies can save the budget on the hardware, which is never, used (Microsoft).
Information security governance Model such as COBIT leverages the operations and infrastructures of the large and global corporations. This framework also helps the control over the operations and infrastructure in an effective way (ISACA). COBIT framework is flexible and can be used according to corporations’ objectives. COBIT v5 is more appropriate for the solving the issues when organizational changes are required (Ahmed).
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