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Analysis of variance (ANOVA) statistical technique in research is a method that is applied in testing statistical significance difference that exists between two or more mean. However, variance in statistics and probability distributive theory is used to measure the differences…
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Advanced Quantitative Research Methods
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Download file to see previous pages For example, ANOVA method is applied, in general, statistical difference rather than distinct difference of the research mean (Hox 2010, 35). It is worth noting that, at zero variance, all the values measured are regarded to identical even through variance always maintains a non-negative value. Therefore, as the ANOVA method is used to analyze the difference between several or a single variable, a small variance obtained in the statistical significance difference illustrates that the values or data points obtained are very close to the expected mean. Similarly, High statistical significance difference data points justify that the data values obtained in the research spread out from each other or spread around the mean (Woodward 2014, 210).
On a broad aspect, the variance is usually divided into various components by utilizing ANOVA method that is then attributed to various types of variations in different sources of the variations obtained. In simple words, ANOVA method has its origin in experimental studies. However, ANOVA method uses four basic assumption that errors obtained in the statistical data analysis are normally distributed and independent (Salkind, Neil 2010, 34). In addition, it is always assumed that, all variance errors are equal, and the expected statistical values of the errors obtained are equal to zero. In simple terms, the ANOVA method produces a statistical test that determines as to whether the mean obtained from several tested groups are equal or whether they are not equal thereby providing a generalized t-test for more than two evaluated groups. In this regard, ANOVA method is used in providing a comparative test for more variables for the purpose of estimating a reliable statistical significance (Myers, Jerome 2010, 271).
ANOVA method is a very powerful parametric and inferential statistic technique that can find differences or reject a null hypothesis among ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Advanced Quantitative Research Methods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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