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The part 1 of the following paper deals with critical review of an academic journal article. In this context, an article i.e. “The use of mixed methods across seven business and management fields” is selected which is written by Cameron and Molina-Azorin…
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Understanding Business and Management Research Methods
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Research methodologies generally are of two types viz. quantitative and qualitative research methodology (Cameron and Molina-Azorin 2011). When both of them are combined then it is known as mixed methodology. Although authors held the view that mixed methodology is increasingly used in the business and management circles, the use of pure form of qualitative or quantitative research methodology is more visible. Further, it is stated in the article that strong theoretical and conceptual framework, legitimating, publication, academic recognition and seminal mixed method theorists make mixed methodology legitimate in research arena. Along with this, the duo claimed that this methodology is gaining popularity in fields, like medicine, nursing, health, education, behavioural and social sciences which are very exact comment of them. Though, this method is now used by a number of researchers, an established definition has not yet been written. For example, according to Thurston, Cove & Meadows (2008, p. 3) ‘Mixed methods studies can either combine methods from different paradigms or use multiple methods within the same paradigm, or multiple strategies within methods’. However, The Journal of Mixed Methods Research (2006) defined mixed methods as ‘research in which the investigator collects, analyses, mixes, and draws inferences from both quantitative and qualitative data in a single study or a program of inquiry’....
(1950s - 1980s), Paradigm debate period (1970s - late 1990s), Procedural development period (late 1980s – 2000), and the Advocacy as a separate design period (2000+). In addition to this, the duo authors have also discussed the growing interest of the academic journals and scholars in this third method of research which increases the academic weight of academic paper (Bergman 2008). Creswell and Plano Clark’s (2007) discipline acceptance levels for mixed methods is used by the authors to show the acceptance level of this third methodological movement. There are three level of acceptance developed by Creswell and Plano Clark’s (2007) .i.e. Minimal, Moderate and Major. For every level of acceptance there are certain benchmarks being listed below (Cameron 2008). There are five benchmarks for minimal acceptance and they are awareness within the discipline of qualitative research, publication of actual mixed method studies in discipline studies, graduate students using mixed methods in dissertation research, discussions in journals about the need for mixed methods, and mixed methods research discussed at professional conference. There are four benchmarks for moderate acceptance i.e. leaders in the discipline advocating use of mixed methods, workshop on mixed methods research forums dedicated to the discipline, Funding companies supporting mixed methods research, methodological discussions of mixed methods in journals devoted to the discipline. There are three benchmarks for major acceptance i.e. special issues of a journal focusing on the use of mixed methods in the discipline, publication of mixed methods studies in top discipline-based journals, course on mixed methods research as part of graduate research training programs. The authors have used above discipline ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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