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Examine and assess the advantages of three different methods used in psychological research - Essay Example

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This requires the use of various research methods depending on the type of information top be collected, sampling procedure involved and the type of tools to be…
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Examine and assess the advantages of three different methods used in psychological research
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Download file to see previous pages e it in terms of what it allows psychologists to study, the data does it allows psychologists to collect and the type of conclusions it allows psychologists to draw. These are followed by an outline of its merits.
Questionnaires as a research a method involve the use of a series of statements or questions to retrieve statistically useful information regarding a certain topic (Stangor 134). Once administered, the researchers have little control over the respondents hence validity of results depends on the honesty of the respondents. An example of a good use of this method was during a psychological research, conducted by Theodor Ardono et al, aimed at exploring the authoritarian personality.
As a starting pint, the researchers agreed that the attitudes of a person are a reflection of their personality characteristics. Therefore, the best way of tapping into the personality of a person was to measure their corresponding attitudes (Brace and Byford 34). Basing on the above experiment, we can say that questionnaires allow psychologists to measure and study bigger constructs in life that cannot be measured directly for example personality. This is because the method allows psychologists to collect quantitative data, as well as qualitative data. Questionnaires involves the answering a set of questions which reveals the opinions of the people regarding something. At the same time, the researchers can use questionnaires to come up with the number or percentage of people who support a particular view and those that do not. From the results obtained, researchers are able to draw valid conclusions on the percentage of people who exhibit a certain character and the degree of this character in them. This is well achieved given that questionnaires can be produced as rating scales which indicate the level to which correspondents agree to the arguments presented (Brace and Byford 37).
According to Stangor (137), the main advantage of the method is that gathering of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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