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Investigative report, requiring an analysis of a service organisation's activities - Essay Example

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This project deals with how effectively communication can be used to change the course of an organization. In the modern era every organization is vying for the top spot and to achieve that it is important that they people in…
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Investigative report, requiring an analysis of a service organisations activities
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Download file to see previous pages Having a strong internal marketing program could have helped the company overcome such difficult scenario. The project will discuss about the most important aspect in service marketing which is “People factor”. Given the fact that IAG group has suffered from staff strikes, the need of the hour is internal marketing. This report will throw light on areas of internal marketing that need to be taken care of by the Director of Marketing at IAG. A sound internal marketing campaign will give an edge to the company so that situations like a staff strike do not occur any more. The project will also discuss about giving a boost to the internal marketing campaign of the company by relying on the traditional method of distributing newsletter to the workers. This method will help the company make its employees feel satisfied on their job and motivated to perform well.
Services can be defined as the activities which are intangible and does not necessarily require a product or any tangible goods. Services are mainly for the satisfaction of the customers who wants their needs to be catered in a satisfactory manner. Services can be called an act, also an effort or even a performance. The nature of utility of product is also a determinant for defining service (Mudie & Cottam, 1999, p. 2).
Services can be found ubiquitously all around in different industries be it education institute, airline industry, hospitals, tourism industry, etc. (Hoffman & Bateson, 2010, p. 3). A service can also be termed as that intangible activity which requires no tie-up with any tangible good. It can be further stated as an activity which is beneficial to an organization and can be suggested or offered to other organizations
Employees in an organization an especially in service organization can be designated as the ambassador of the company as well as company’s service or product considering the fact that the employees are the people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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