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Trading Post Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign Proposal Institution’s name Executive summary The International Women’s Development Agency is an Australian non-profit making organisation that aims at promoting women and children’s welfare as well as assisting the marginalised population in the society…
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Individual IMC Campaign Proposal
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Download file to see previous pages Despite its essential services to the community, the organisation lacks popularity with the general public. The Integrated Marketing Communication campaign proposal seeks to address some of these problems and offer a tangible solution. The core objectives of this campaign are to advance the organization’s monetary donation, increase the number of its clients, advance public awareness and increase the number of volunteers. The organization also seeks to improve its online services. The integrated marketing proposal aims at the identification and execution of cooperative objectives, marketing communication objectives and the organisation marketing objectives. The selection of the most effective marcomm tools in integrated marketing proposal is necessary and demanding as it reduces the resources and time required in popularising an organisation. The integrated marketing communication proposal will also incorporate the contextual analysis, background information, marketing communication objectives, marketing communication strategy, communication methods, most effective marcomm tools, positioning, media, campaign message, scheduling, resources, evaluation and control. Table of Contents Executive summary 1 Table of Contents 2 Background Information 3 Communication Methods 7 Message 7 Positioning 7 Media 9 Scheduling 9 Budget 11 Budget Breakdown 11 Control and Evaluation 12 To assess the achievement of the integrated marketing communication plan, the organization is planning to evaluate each objective on its own merit. The organization is as a result proposing to use daily assessments on the clients served, volunteer hours, and cash intakes to evaluate the organization’s monetary and non-monetary revenues. The managers are expected to fill the daily assessment form for evaluation and analyses by the stakeholders. The data will be compiled at the end of each month. The organization will also use survey method to evaluate the development in public awareness. In this strategy, the organisation intends to use previous survey report as the main baseline for the evaluation. The plan will be rated as effective if the organisation’s popularity is rated to be at least 17 % higher than the previous number. The organizers will compare and contrast the current data with the previous data to examine the success of the plan. 12 Members of the public will be given a questionnaire to fill some questions regarding the organisation’s goals and objectives. To mitigate the possibilities of printing errors and the cost of distribution, the organization will rely on online services in the analysis of the public awareness progress. The organization will also employ online services to evaluate the effectiveness of the media coverage and social media services. Online clients will be served with online questionnaires to examine their satisfaction with the organisation service delivery. In addition, the organization is intending to use Google Analytic Free Service to collect and evaluate its post website developments. The core aim of these evaluation measures is to evaluate the success of the plan and offer the most effective improvement recommendations. 12 References 14 Background Information The core aim of having a comprehensive integrated marketing communication International Women’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Individual IMC Campaign Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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