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Integrated Marketing Communication Program for Zamda Motors - Research Paper Example

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This report describes the marketing perspectives of IMC and examines the pragmatism of the IMC strategy for Zamda’s new market project with proposed budget and plan. Zamda has long been lagging behind the major market players Honda and Toyota, but the company hopes to improve its market performance with the IMC program…
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Integrated Marketing Communication Program for Zamda Motors
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Download file to see previous pages Integrated marketing communication is the process of developing and implementing various forms of persuasive communication programs with customers and prospects with a view to influence and directly affects the behavior selected market audience (Percy, p. 6). IMC refers to a careful coordination of various promotional messages including traditional advertising, sales promotions, personal selling, event marketing, public relation etc for marketing a particular product or service with a basic objective of maintaining consistency in information to be conveyed to the prospective customers. Yeshin (p. 14) emphasized that the underlying requirement of integrated marketing communication is to ensure maximum consistency in message being communicated to the public as it forces all aspects of communication programs to deliver a single-minded and unified message to the audience. Weiss stressed that the marketer needs to have graphic consistency and message consistency throughout every communication emanating from his organization.   Integrated marketing communication is a strategic tool that helps a marketer plan, design and develop coordinated, systematic and measurable brand communication program with customers, employees and other important stakeholders to ensure short term financial benefits as well as long term brand value.   Marketing mix and IMC In an attempt to prepare an IMC project for Zamda motors, it is worth explaining the concepts of marketing mix to illustrate how various marketing elements of the company are coordinated. Traditionally, the marketing mix comprises of four marketing elements; product, price, place and promotion. Many literatures have suggested adding people, process and physical evidence (Palmer, p. 259).  IMC is related to the promotion mix of marketing mix. Promotion, the fourth element of marketing mix, consists of five sub-elements; they are advertising, consumer promotions, personal selling, direct marketing and public relation. While planning for an effective marketing communication program, it is highly important to consider evaluating all the four marketing mix and sub-elements of the company in order to carefully coordinate the message to be conveyed to the targeted audience. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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