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This essay conducts an analysis of the Toyota’s IMC and provides workable recommendations that the company marketing manager can engage to push the organization to the top position. Integrated marketing communication has become topic in establishing the long-term success of an organization…
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Integrated Marketing Commucations for Toyota Motors
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Download file to see previous pages This article takes special attention to the IMC strategy that Toyota Motor Company has deployed, it impacts and drawbacks. While the company seems to have benefited from effective marketing strategies, it is clear that the company is still facing a great threat from companies that have engaged more effective strategies in pushing their products within different market segments. 
Toyota Motor is a Japanese company that has ventured into the international automobile industry since 1937. The company deals with the design of automobile and other vehicles wholesale and automobile parts (Toyota Motor Corporation, 2015). Since its launch, the company has branded itself a medium class company that targets the average class customers. The company’s vision was to produce reliable vehicles and sustainable development of society by employing innovative and high-quality products and services. For the company, marketing has been an important part of its organizational strategies as embedded in its mission statement. The company’s mission has been to provide the best customer experience within the company as one way of winning their loyalty. The company expenditure on marketing is approximately 4% of the total value of the amount that all automobile companies use in media advertisement. The company operates in a competitive market and the sales are considerably affected. Therefore, the company has already experienced a big challenge in the market as competing companies such as Honda, Nissan and Mazda realize considerable growth. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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