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The author of the essay "That of Tien Yen Chyn" states that in point of fact, the journal submitted by Tien Yen Chyn seems to be the best from a scholarly perspective. Remarkably, Tien has touched on every single aspect of Critical Thinking and managed somehow to encompass this concept…
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That of Tien Yen Chyn
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It is stated that the ability to use simple dictions that can be understood even by the common reader who is not so much specialized and familiar with medical issues and, most importantly, his desire and strong determination to obliquely make would-be-doctors of the great perils that surround the career for which they have plumped.
Unlike other journals that look badly organized in so far as the form is concerned, Tien’s journal seems well organized and well developed given the effective and efficient writing techniques he deployed in his addressing of the issue. There is an introduction, a body and even a conclusion, all of which make his journal purposeful and worth-reading. What is more, is that the presentation he attended paved the way for him to better approach the field of medicine he is engaged in and helped him a lot discover some striking and dangerous facts of which other would-be-doctors were heedless.
Last but not least, I think that Tien’s journal seems coherent in that it abides by the linguistic rules. Besides, his critique is by no means very constructive. Initially, He started from something general and was capable of narrowing down the topic to reach the aim after which he was hankering. Thus, after the presentation, he did develop many good ideas that utterly changed his view of the work and these ideas shall unmistakably lead him to be so successful in his profession. Read More
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