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Empirical Evidence from Women Managers - Coursework Example

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This paper would examine the individual factors of female management leaders as compared to the male ones. The individual level analysis is said to focus purely on the resources of the individual, such as career orientation and achievement orientation…
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Empirical Evidence from Women Managers
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Download file to see previous pages The social systems focus on society to the society as a whole especially in terms of stereotypes (Chen et al., 2014). The barriers to women leadership success are highlighted, and they include the level of confidence of women, inaccessibility to powerful networks or lack of role models, and bias in recruitment, selection, and promotion.
Cross-cultural leadership, for example, gender sensitivity is essential because it gives everyone an opportunity to expresses their ability regardless of their gender, political affiliation, and regional discrimination. Every individual has different skills that they can use to benefit an organization. These abilities can be in the form of creativity and innovation that is aimed to enhance the performance of any organization. According to Chen and others (2014) women are known to be hard workers. They tend to deliver quality work. Cross-cultural leadership studies offer diversity in terms of idea and workmanship since everyone will be given the job only when they have passed their interviews (Carli and Eagly, 2001). In addition, this leadership helps in adapting to a fresh wave of globalization of cultural leadership practices. From this view, it can be said to be a distinctive phenomenon that checks at the capability of leaders of being able to lead and also adapt the cultural challenges (Chen et al., 2014). Moreover, data ion’s detailed cultural features play a vital role in defining the best leadership style to be applied by the managers.
The democratic leadership style is not mentioned or applied in the article as a type of leadership style. It is of great significance in studying female leadership.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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