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The reflection about management training and development is important at the moment especially because many organization across the world struggles to overcome the legacy of mismanagement. Most of this management occurs in the financial sectors and regulatory processes. The…
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Management training and development Summary The reflection about management training and development is important at the moment especially because many organization across the world struggles to overcome the legacy of mismanagement. Most of this management occurs in the financial sectors and regulatory processes. The world economic recession is one of the consequences of mismanagement though the field of mismanagement is wide. Some of the programs that provide management training and development are MBA and short program courses. Universities normally provide MBA training while private companies and professional institute provide short courses, this trainings has been proved to be profitable. The problem facing this training sometimes is that a person joining that training may only be interested in earning more salaries that are being provided at that level. High salaries in many occasions indicate a greater value of employer, but empirically it is not well known whether it is true or not. Apart from the growth in business schools, there has been an increase on emphasis of personal development, mentoring, and executive training. Another significant development is increasing focus on development and training of entrepreneurs. New form of learning such as E-learning has increased since they are cheap and flexible.
Due to globalization and flexible trade rules across the world, global leadership has become more evident currently. Right now it is not effective being a manager in one country, a good manager in the current world should be able to carry out management in different countries and cultures. A balance between theory and practice is one of the issues in training and development. Another issue is where management and development is based, whether it is a western business model provided by western institutions or eastern business models. The MBA courses taught in Asia by western teachers from western states may boost western business models that are not suitable to the locals because the teaching methods will require the students to adopt learning styles that are not in line with their culture.
The information contained in this article can be applied in business organization and when doing global business. Businesses will learn that having people who have extensive training in business courses such as MBA are important in the management of the organization. The article also explains important issues about management training and development. One of the important issues is a broad issue of executive learning and development, this include formal and informal activities. These issues will assist organization managers in managing their daily activities. In organization management, action and learning should be balanced, if they are well balanced, the running of the organization will be effective. Women sometimes are sidelined in the management of organization, this article explains that women can progress within management and they can make good managers like men. This can be applied in organization that discriminates against women.
Alan M. S, Tamkin. P and Lewis. P. (2011). Management training and development. International Journal of Training and Development. 15(3) Read More
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