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Training and development management - Assignment Example

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This can be implemented by following a set of steps. In the traditional leadership transition planning perspective, the aspect of management…
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Training and development management
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Extract of sample "Training and development management"

Management training and development management Management succession planning refers to the logistics followed in the process of effecting a leadership transition in an organization. This can be implemented by following a set of steps. In the traditional leadership transition planning perspective, the aspect of management transition is that personnel were literally elevated from one position to the other, in the leadership ladder without reference to the proficiency and competence of each person. According to Fink (2010, 34) On the other hand, the contemporary view of management transition planning is different from the traditional view because it entails the thorough scrutiny of the candidates of the intended succession process before they are allowed to take their respective positions. The skills and competency they possess in leadership is assessed and analyzed fully, and recommendations are made on the areas the new leadership team will focus on like continuous improvement and total quality management.
Traditionally the entire process is conduct in secrecy in order to impose bad leadership on the stakeholders. This culminated in the selection of incompetent and novice workers hence compromising leadership transition process. However, in the contemporary performance consultancy, talent assessment is carried out based on the previous performance assessment and the multi-source reports, in order to obtain specialized personnel in the leadership realm. This selection emphasizes on quality and informed leadership. The best individuals in leadership are cleared to take part in underway duties on leadership whereby they are closely monitored and supervised in order to explore their full potential in service. After the exercise is over, they are ready to take on various leadership roles within the organizational chart. In the performance consultancy, the candidates for the new leadership roles are required to undergo career development training in order to be proficient in the tasks they will perform. This will be done through employment of coaching and group discussions, engaging in cross-functional projects and having secondments within and outside the organization. The candidates can also have international tours in order to have exposure on their role within an organization setting.
The Authority can also offer challenging tasks to the candidates in order to test their aptitude ability to tackle challenging issues within the organization. A job description should be prepared prior to the identification of talented individuals. This will assist in the definition of the roles and tasks that will be performed in order to improve the leadership of the organization (Fink, 2010, 75). This practice was never observed in the traditional training of trainee leaders. Then, a wide range of talents is identified from individuals who meet the threshold requirements in leadership. This will involve sourcing out of leadership experts in order to provide necessary training in leadership. This will propel the organization forward given that proper mechanisms will be put in practice in directing, co-coordinating and leading of the employees.
Organizational restructuring will be conducted in order to eliminate non-productive roles in the organization. This will shift utilization of resources towards the value adding roles and tasks with an objective of appraising the performance of the workforce. Therefore, this will impact positively on the overall productivity of the organization. This does not take place in the traditional leadership transition because of lack of commitment to quality service delivery. Then, the management transition plan will be drafted and reviewed by the relevant parties in order to recommend amendments to it. This will entail the inclusiveness of all the stakeholders in the leadership transition process in order to achieve the organization’s objectives. This will also enhance the co-operation of the stakeholders in the implementation of the leaders’ directives. Then the amended plan is communicated within the organization and outside in order for the stakeholders to be privy to the paradigm shift in the organization’s leadership.
Fink, Dean. The Succession Challenge: Building and Sustaining Leadership Capacity Through Succession Management. Los Angeles: SAGE, 2010. Print. Read More
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(Training and Development Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Training and Development Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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