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Training and Development from a Human Resource Management Perspective - Thesis Example

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As part of discussing the author's personal experience during an internship, four major sections are presented in "Training and Development from a Human Resource Management Perspective" paper. The first section discusses the personal experience of working as an internship trainee.  …
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Training and Development from a Human Resource Management Perspective
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Extract of sample "Training and Development from a Human Resource Management Perspective"

Download file to see previous pages The last section will discuss my personal recommendation with regard to specific changes in the use of HR theories and work-related practices. My overall experience during the internship training period was fun and challenging.

During the first week of the training period, I managed to develop useful research survey questionnaires and research aids which enabled me to gather information needed for the development of a training plan for the fitness instructors.

Designing an effective training instruction plan that will address the main concerns of the students is the most challenging part of the internship. Using the ADDIE model, I plan to design a training instruction material by integrating the research survey results together with the theories and concepts we have tackled in class.

I enjoyed every single minute I spent time doing research work. Starting the second week of the internship onwards, I used most of my time doing research on Hawthorne Effect as a motivational theory, Senge’s strategies and tools for building a learning organization, Block’s flawless consulting, bloom’s taxonomy in learning, Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, the different types of motivational theories, the Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle, ADDIE model, Kirkpatrick’s four-level model of training evaluation, and McKinsey’s 7-S framework.

During the second day of the internship, I was able to get a more solid idea or a better vision regarding my duty at work. Even though I was not able to personally browse through the current training plan of NAF (for privacy reasons), the internship orientation and the references I found at the Human Resource Office provided me a better vision on where the project is going.

Spending a few hours at the Human Resource Office enabled me to go through some books and manuals which I could use as references in guiding me throughout the internship training. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Training and Development from a Human Resource Management Perspective Thesis.
(Training and Development from a Human Resource Management Perspective Thesis)
Training and Development from a Human Resource Management Perspective Thesis.
“Training and Development from a Human Resource Management Perspective Thesis”.
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