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Functions of Human Resource Management and its Optimization - Coursework Example

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This paper presents the functions of Human Resource Management and its optimization. The workforce of an organization, also called human resources, is the lifeline of an organization’s developmental strategy. The success of the company depends on the skills and perspectives of employees…
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Functions of Human Resource Management and its Optimization
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Download file to see previous pages Affirmative action (AA) aims to correct past discriminatory practices by providing a level playing field for women, people with disabilities and minority groups like blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans. The U.S. army also has EEO policies that “prohibit discrimination in employment because of race, color, religion, sex, age, handicapping condition or national origin” (U.S. Army, 1990, p. 114). Similarly, the AA policies are directed towards the recruitment, retention, and development of high-quality minority, handicapped and female employees. These policies are an integral part of the employment, development, advancement, and treatment of all personnel in the army. Women make up 14% of the U.S. armed forces and a military advisory committee is also considering lifting the ban on women serving in combat (Mulrine, 2011). Similarly, Hispanics make up about 12% of the U.S. army while Blacks and Asians make up about 11% and 4% respectively (Kane, 2005). This ethnic and racial diversity is also seen in higher-level positions in the army as well.
EEO and AA policies, therefore, create a feeling of fairness among employees as they experience equal access to training, promotion, and other career development opportunities. Employers also benefit from these policies as they experience reduced workplace conflict, high job satisfaction and morale among employees, increased productivity and ability to meet organizational goals. As I realize the value of incorporating EEO and AA in an organization, it is my sincere desire to implement these policies in my future endeavors as well.
Human Resources Planning, Recruitment and Selection
HR planning, recruitment, and selection is a key determinant of the overall performance of the organization. Recruitment of the wrong person can lead to increased turnover, low morale among existing employees and wasted time and resources with respect to recruiting, interviewing and training, all of which can seriously impact an organization’s bottom line.
Following my high school graduation, I worked at a Mexican restaurant for a few months. The manager hired four illegal immigrants from Mexico, despite knowing the fact that they did not have the legal paperwork to work in America. He hired them at lower pay and required them to work for more hours compared to the other employees. An Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) inspection at the restaurant resulted in the deportation of the four illegal workers and several charges of Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) violations against the business which included record-keeping violations and health and safety violations. The manager was subjected to a civil penalty of $1000 per illegal immigrant and was warned that a second offense could result in possible imprisonment. Following this incident, several of the employees decided to leave as they did not want to be associated with an organization that was involved in hiring illegal immigrants. This example clearly demonstrated the importance of hiring the right people for the job. Managers would otherwise have to spend additional time on further recruitment and selection processes.
Having been in the army for over twenty-two years, I now understand why the army undertakes a rigorous process to select candidates. Their recruitment and selection process involves passing the armed forces vocational aptitude battery test, which measures the candidate’s strength, weakness, and potential for future success. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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