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Human Resources Management, Training and Management Policy - Essay Example

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Human Resources Management, Training and Management Policy Introduction The purpose of the present project is to understand the effectiveness of training in organizations. It tries to explore the importance of learning in the present organizational context…
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Human Resources Management, Training and Management Policy
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Download file to see previous pages As per the definition presented by Buckley and Caple, (2007), training is considered to be a systematic effort directed towards the modification, or development of knowledge, skills and attitudes of employees through an experience of learning in order to achieve greater performance in a particular or a wide variety of activities (Buckley and Caple, 2007, p.5). On the other hand learning is considered to be the processes through individuals acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes through experience, instruction, study or reflection (Buckley and Caple, 2007, p.5). The main aim of the project is to make an analysis as to how effective training programs are in the organizational context. There are very few who would disagree to the above fact. However, practice suggests that in numerous organizations the validation of training programs is either ignored or is approached in either an unprofessional or unconvincing manner. In fact some organizations have even claimed that validation is a costly affair and that the point that it proves cannot be relied on completely. Moreover, the applicability of the program has been questioned on grounds that training effectiveness is not measurable in financial terms. Validation is perceived as having two different components, namely internal validation and external validation. Many organizations undertake the process of validation either in an unconvincing manner or in an unprofessional manner (Buckley & Caple, 2007, p.210). However, critics have put forth that in practice they cannot be distinguished as they are intimately linked and are perceived as a single component by trainers for being mutually dependent on each other. Some of the primary components for measuring effectiveness of training is by making an analysis of the extent of achievement and attainment of objectives of training programs, the learning inculcated by candidates and the extent to which candidates were able to take the learning that was imparted to them (Buckley and Caple, 2007, p.5). The idea is to realise and identify a relationship between training and productivity of organizations. However there are various factors which accelerate or hinder the progress of the process. Some of these factors would be discussed in details in the project. Most importantly organizations must seek to attain the support of employees in accepting this program. Moreover all organizational structures also might not be sufficient for bringing out the best results. The reasons for particular structures to be effective for implementing such programs would be one of the primary subjects of this study. Implementing the right training evaluation criteria and proper learning are some of the key areas which need to be explored before evaluating the needs of such programs. Effectiveness of Training in organizations Previous research has proved the establishment of the fact that training is effective in organizations in terms of employee as well as organizational performance. As presented by Edens & Bell, (2003), the continuous requirement of employees and organizational development can be traced back to the numerous demands existing in the market place which includes the maintaining superiority among competitors, enhancing skills and knowledge base of employees and enhancing productivity. One of the main dilemmas that are confronted with modern organizations is the delivery of strong leadership and guidance and also encouraging innovation and initiative at the same time. Scholars have argued with the fact ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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