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Cyprus Immigration Police: The Search for Effectual Training Approach - Dissertation Example

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University of Cyprus Immigration Police: The Search for Effectual Training Approach [Type the document subtitle] Name Abstract Globalisation paves for mobility of people across countries. This situation increases the responsibilities and tasks of Immigration Police…
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Cyprus Immigration Police: The Search for Effectual Training Approach
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Extract of sample "Cyprus Immigration Police: The Search for Effectual Training Approach"

Download file to see previous pages With this perspective, the research primarily aims to evaluate the impact of employee training and development to the Aliens and Immigration Unit of the Cyprus Police. In lieu with this, the objectives of the study are (1) Identification of the factors contributing to the effective training and development of Cyprus Immigration Police. (2)Categorization of the current approaches to T&D. (3) Identification of training and development methods, which are most suitable for police effectiveness. Finally, (4) determine some of the factors that further advance improvement of police effectiveness. The main research question of the study is “What are the factors that contribute to the effective training and development of Cyprus Immigration Police?” In order to clarify further the issue, the following sub-questions will also be addressed. What are the current approaches adopted in training and development? Which among the T&D approaches are perceived to be effective? What aspects in the current T&D approaches are deemed less ineffectual? How can the current T&D approaches be improved further? In order to attain the aims and answer the questions of the research, qualitative case study was adopted as the research methodology. Documentary search, survey questionnaire, interview, and personal reflection journal were the methods used in the collection of data. Some of the findings of the study are: (1) Use of technology is not integrated in Immigration Police’s training. (2) Training is not given priority by the Institution. (3) Cyprus Immigration Police has to transform its organisational culture and learning to achieve effective training and development. Table of Contents List of Figures 5 Chapter 1 Introduction 6 1.1.Introduction 6 1.2.Background of the Study: An Overview of Cyprus Immigration Police 7 1.3.Aims and Objectives of the Research 9 1.4.Research Questions 10 1.5.Significance of the Study 10 1.6.Assumptions of the Study 11 1.7.Definition of Terms 13 1.8.Structure of the Dissertation 14 Chapter 2 Literature Review 15 2.1. Introduction 15 2.2. Human Resource Management: In the Public Sector 18 2.2.1. Transforming Human Resource Management in the Public Sector 18 2.2.2. Changes in the Public Sector’s Human Resource Management 23 2.2.3. The Continuing Challenges and Transformation of the Police Force 24 2.3. Employee Development: Training 27 2.3.1. Some of the Theories 29 Principal – Agent Theory 29 Motivation-Hygiene Theory 30 Adult Learning 31 O -T- P Model 32 2.3.2. Training and Development: Immigration Police 34 2.4. Some of Empirical Studies 38 2.5. Some Observations 43 Summary 44 Chapter 3 Methodology of Research 46 3.1. Introduction 46 3.2. Research Design 46 The figure shows that the library search served as the initial method adopted in order to clarify, expound, and elucidate the issue of the research. After the library search, qualitative case study was identified as the research methodology to be adopted in the research. Following this, primary data was gathered using qualitative survey, interview, and personal reflection as the method. 48 3.3. Research Methodology: Qualitative and Quantitative Methodology 48 3.4. Collection of Data 50 3.4.1. Documentary Search 50 3.4.2. Qualitative Survey Questionnaire 51 3.4.3. Interview 52 3.4.5. Sampling Size 54 3.5. Validity and Reliability 55 3.6. Data Analysis 57 3.7. Ethical Considerations 58 Summary 59 Chapter 4 Findings and Discussions 60 4.1. Introduction 60 4.2. Findings 60 4.2.1. On Training 61 4.2.2. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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