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Proposal on Strategic Human Recourse Management - Essay Example

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Proposal on Strategic Human Recourse Management
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"Proposal on Strategic Human Recourse Management"

Download file to see previous pages Master of Business Administration 2011/2012 Business Issue Report Name: Word count: 1941 This work is copyright of the author. ...
The proposal also discusses about the various previous literatures that have discussed about the topic under study in the past. The paper also includes the use of different methodologies that has been adopted in the research. The methodologies include the use of primary and secondary sources for data collection for the purpose of analysis of the research. The survey and interview method will be used for the purpose of primary data collection and the review of the several literary sources as been utilized for the purpose of collecting the secondary data. The proposal also includes reflection statement with respect to the potential and practical problems that have been faced while performing the research. The reflection also includes the theoretical and conceptual problems faced by researcher during the research. Finally a conclusion is drawn based on the overall research, and discussing the next steps that need to be taken. Introduction Aim/ Focus The main aim and focus of research study is on the use of training and development in the immigration police department in order to address the building and development of the culture in the organization and bring in new insights in the department with respect to improving the current practices (American Society for Training and development 1987). This focus will be effective to explore the impact training and development also to determine the way through which the immigration police department will benefit from these practices. Dissertation Topic: “Training and Development: Immigration Police Department in Cyprus.” Main Research Question: How does the employee development and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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