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The Public Health Services of Cyprus - Dissertation Example

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This dissertation proposes a set of recommendations based on personal experience in Cyprus and the interview with the Health Officer in Cyprus so that the public health services in Cyprus may improve. The recommendations include that of creating awareness among the public about the food regulations…
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The Public Health Services of Cyprus
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Extract of sample "The Public Health Services of Cyprus"

Download file to see previous pages Cyprus is one such country that demands rigorous health care services for it’s local and international public. Cyprus has a highly moving tourists population that poses a major risk to its health sector. This moving population may cause severe epidemics like malaria, tuberculosis and the like. To control the outbreak of such epidemics, the Cypriot government adopts certain laws. More specifically, it can be said that food safety acts as the prime factor for public health. The laws that were followed in Cyprus before it joined the European Union were the homogenized laws relating to food, environment, and water. Later, when Cyprus joined the European Union, the EU regulations for foodstuffs, foodstuffs of animal origin and the human consumable animal foodstuffs were followed. This dissertation intends to explain the concepts related to the general laws and food laws in Cyprus before and after the joining of Cyprus with the European Union. Apart from these, the food regulation laws of the European Union gives an idea of how food laws are imposed in Cyprus to avoid food poisoning. The EU laws also help to standardize the regulations in Cyprus at par with other European countries. The data used for this discussion include that of the secondary information collected from the government websites, the government published documents and from the research of other researchers. Special emphasis has been provided to the foodstuffs of animal origin that are consumed by human beings. These regulations cover a wide range of food products, the obligations pertaining to the business operators who do business with foodstuffs of animal origin. Finally, the regulations that implement and control these food laws have also been discussed with special emphasis on the Common Entry Documents and Designated point of entry.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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