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Training and Development in Small Businesses - Essay Example

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It has significant importance in small businesses also. In case of small businesses, generally resources are limited. Managements of small businesses find it very difficult in case of managing their limited resources…
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Training and Development in Small Businesses
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Download file to see previous pages The potential challenges that the management of the company may face will be discussed. It will also include different effects of detecting the gaps in the organization. This paper will suggest a competitive training strategy. The whole paper will be done on a step by step basis. It will be very helpful for Syntel Inc.
It is very important for Syntel Inc to implement proper training and development strategies to improve their business performances. Syntel is an IT consulting company. Training and development will help them to learn new modern sides of different programming languages. In modern day business the organization comes across different critical projects related with modern programming languages (Barcus, 2007). The organization needs to train its employees properly to manage those projects. If proper training is not being provided by the company then employees will not be able to complete those complex projects properly. Training and development is needed to maintain the supply of talents continuously into the organization. Often it is being noticed that experienced employees are leaving the company. It is a loss for the organization. But that loss can be managed if well trained back up employees are ready with the company. It will not interrupt the performances of Syntel Inc. Different training and development programs will increase the efficiency of workers of the company. Once the efficiency of workers is increased then automatically productivity of the company will also increase. Increased productivity will improve the performance of the organization. Being a small business organization resources of Syntel are limited. It is very important for the management of the company to utilize their resources intelligently. Only suitable training and development programs for employees can increase the capacity of the whole workforce. Once the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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