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Human Resources and Management: A Case Study On Training And Development In Shell Obodoki - Literature review Example

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The objective of this research is to identify quality training and development that is affordable for Shell Obodoki. The research will first identify the need for training and development and then identify the cost of this type of training…
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Human Resources and Management: A Case Study On Training And Development In Shell Obodoki
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Extract of sample "Human Resources and Management: A Case Study On Training And Development In Shell Obodoki"

Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings it can therefore be said that in the current economy, Shell Obodoki has found it difficult to continue with their training programs. The administrative costs alone has created difficulty for Shell Obodoki to continually update the training needs of their staff. Most organizations would agree that there needs to be on going training and development for employees if the organization wants to create a strong workforce. Without training, it is difficult for employees to know exactly what they should do in their jobs. Many managers hold orientations, but this is not enough training for some workers. As an example, since technology and the culture can change all the time, employees must be trained on the changes that occur for the organization. Bashir, Memon and Rizvi suggest that training is important to the sustainability of employees. Bashir et al. found that this idea was particularly true in an open system where the business wanted to make sure they stayed competitive. Koury also states that the reason that employers should invest in their employees is because it boosts productivity. Koury also states that if the business equips their employees with the “skills and knowledge” they need, they will do a better job than the competition. The author also states that the cost of the training does not have to be millions of dollars, but the training must emphasize the skills they need to continue to do their jobs effectively. Aims and Objectives The objectives of this research is to identify quality training and development that is affordable for Shell Obodoki. The research will first identify the need for training and development and then identify the cost of this type of training. The research will also provide an understanding of the resources that may be available for Shell Obodoki to continue their training programs. The information will provide factors that can be used to develop a training program so that Shell Obodoki can afford to continually develop their employees. Specifically, The aims and objectives of this research will include: To examine reasons why training and development is vital to the growth of Shell Obodoki. To research the cost of a good quality training program over the course of the next three years and how Shell Obodoki may find funding for such a project. To examine how increasing training and development will raise productivity. Research Questions The following questions will be used to move the research forward: 1. Why is training and development vital to the growth of Shell Obodoki? 2. How will Shell Obodoki find funds to create a training program over the next three years? 3. What steps can Shell Obodoki take to increase training and development that will also raise productivity? Justification for the Research The research questions are important to the study of training and development in an industry. A study by Aibieyi (2012) identified that although the oil industry ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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