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Human Resource Management Training Proposal Abstract The paper intends to prepare a human resource management training proposal for conducting a recruiting along with staffing training program for a group of new employees at a health care company. The steps for the HRM planning, recruitment, selection and hiring have been highlighted in the discussion…
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Human Resource Management Training Proposal
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Download file to see previous pages It can enable to address the employees’ requirements in keeping with the organizational goals and objectives. The proposed training program can facilitate to enhance the level of motivation of employees as well owing to the fact that they can better equip themselves to the expected level of performance from them after the execution of the training program. Overview of the Human Resource Management Process and Steps Involved Human Resource Management (HRM) is gaining its importance in the healthcare sector. Proper human resource management is a critical aspect which helps in providing high quality healthcare. Human resource planning is important for determining the staff support required by the healthcare to meet the service seekers’ needs. Human resource planning is the process of identifying current and future needs of human beings in an organization. The steps involved in the planning of human resource involve review of the business goals which deals with understanding the needs and the future objective of the business. The second step is the scanning of both the internal and external environment to determine the trend of the employees, policies implemented along with evaluating the culture and activities within the healthcare company. The third step is gap analysis which facilitates to determine the future needs and explores the possible shortfalls. Subsequently, development of the plans considering the budgets and priorities based on need of the healthcare company would be executed. The last step is to evaluate the performance by measuring the achievement of the goals, evaluating the progress of the strategies implemented along with the reports. The steps of the proposed human resource planning are depicted through the diagram below: Source: (New Foundland Labrador, n.d.) The planning process will be effective when the recruitment process is smooth and effective. To make the process of hiring, retention well-organized and to ensure consistency in the process of recruitment along with selection various steps are to be followed to make the progression efficient. The first step is to identify the vacancy and to evaluate the need. The human resource management training need to ensure that there is a proper alignment of the skills of the new employees with the organizational requirements. The second step is job description which is important for the successful recruitment process. The job description helps in forming the questions for the interview along with the relevant checks which are to be developed. The information about the work, the purpose and the responsibility will be discussed to recruit the right person. The third step is to develop the recruitment plan which deals with the posting period, goals of the placement, along with placing advertisement through print and social media. The recruitment plan is basically done to attract good qualified candidates for the job purpose in the healthcare company. The fourth step involves selection of the search committee who will be responsible for the recruitment. The committee includes the hiring manager, job specialist and other members. The fifth step is to implement the recruitment plan and then sixth step is to review the applicants and shortlist the candidates according to the health care company’s available vacancy. The next step is the important part which is the interviewing process for the selection purpose. Before the interview is to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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