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Hiring Employees - Research Paper Example

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The recruitment process follows a series of steps, which are relevant for ensuring that the recruited staffs are well qualified for the job position, while…
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Hiring Employees
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Download file to see previous pages r evaluation of the existing vacancies that needs to be filled in the new office, as well as the accurate determination of the needs and requirements of the new position is essential for recruiting the right candidate (Farmer, 2004). Therefore, a job analysis is necessary for all the vacancies in the new office, since it makes it possible to tailor the job position to the competencies required, and thus allows for proper classification of each job vacancy. The evaluation of the needs of all the positions to be filled in the new office requires the understanding of the strategic goals of the organization, as well as that of each department in the new office. Considering the fact that the new office to be open is part of an already existing organization, it is essential to establish the core competencies of the staff serving in the different departments of the existing office, which can then be formulated as the qualification requirements for the staffs to be recruited for the new office.
While evaluating the core competencies of the new office staff, there is the need to establish the existing gaps in the core competencies, which will in turn help to determine whether the recruitment of the staff for the new office should be done internally within the organization or otherwise (Drinan, 1998). Where there exists a skills gap in the existing employees of the organization, then external recruitment is necessary. The full determination of all the vacancies that exists in the new office and the core competencies that are required in the staffs that will fill these vacancies paves way for the second step in the recruitment process.
The formulation of the right description for each job vacancy forms an essential key success factor for recruiting staff (Shermont & Murphy, 2006). This is because; more than anything else, a well formulated and written job description acts as the documented evidence to prevent or defend the legal claims that might arise in the recruitment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hiring Employees Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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