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Employment Law Protects all Employees from Being Discriminated by Their Employers - Assignment Example

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The paper "Employment Law Protects all Employees from Being Discriminated by Their Employers" states that in the law governing the termination of employment, the employer can only dismiss an employee on justifiable grounds only. There are policies and guidelines to follow before firing a worker…
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Employment Law Protects all Employees from Being Discriminated by Their Employers
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Download file to see previous pages The male employees who joined ABC after Ms. Riyadh have received promotions. However, Ms. Riyadh is still working in the same position despite her smart work. In this case, Ms. Riyadh can claim the practice of gender discrimination by her employer. Despite her good work to the extent of receiving three national awards, she has not been promoted. Her male counterparts have received three to four promotions within the time Ms. Riyadh has worked for ABC. It is also evident that few women hold higher positions compared to their male counterparts (Duddington, 2007). Ms. Riyadh can also claim the presence of religious discrimination in her workplace. Her employer says that Ms. Riyadh is too religious to hold a higher position within the company. Ms. Riyadh knows that in the employment act, an employer is not supposed to discriminate against any employee based on the employee’s religion. All employees should get equal chances for promotions. In this case, Ms. Riyadh will claim that her employer has not been fair in considering her for promotion based on her strong religious beliefs (Herch, 2007). ABC can defend itself that it will endure business hardship in the process of considering to accommodate Ms. Riyadh’s complains.
On the other hand, ABC might defend itself that there was no legally enforceable agreement that Ms. Riyadh’s promotion was an obligation to the company. The promise during the hiring time served to motivate Ms. Riyadh into working hard. Otherwise, there was no contract between the employer, which in this case is ABC, and Ms. Riyadh, the employee. Therefore, ABC is under no obligation of promoting Ms. Riyadh. Both the defenses will allow ABC to win the case and no benefits will be paid to the complainant (Herch, 2007, P.56). QUESTION B (1) In employment law, there is the act protecting special groups from workplace discrimination. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Essay on Employment Law Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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EMPLOYMENT LAW $100,000; 3. For employers with 201-500 employees, the amount is fixed at $200,000; and 4. For employers with more than 500 employees, the amount is fixed at $300,000. Furthermore, the federal law remedies available for sex/gender discrimination shall be the following causes: battery, assault, outrage, wrongful termination, negligent retention and other potential claims. Judgment should be made in favour of the victim by way of monetary claims for damages and reinstatement to her former position in the office. The judge should also order the employer to endeavor to prevent any form of sexual harassment to be committed...
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Employment Law - Employment Discrimination document the rights of employees and the obligations of the employers in ensuring that discrimination is eliminated. In the past, any discussions that revolved around discrimination at the workplace were punctuated with the high level of sharia and Sunni law applications in the country (Zuhur 112). Various provisions within the Saudi labor laws provide positive protection against all forms of discrimination, including discrimination against the disabled, women and members of the Shiite religion. The labor law prohibits co-mingling of men and women...
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