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Abstract Current literature and the experiences of leaders in the correctional field, specifically with regard to the corrections profession, show that a great deal of stress is being placed on the formulation and implementation of competency-oriented recruitment and training procedures, especially with respect to employment and employee growth and development…
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Recruiting and Training of Correction Officers
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Download file to see previous pages Introduction The justification for occupational or professional training is to pass on accrued experience, knowledge, and facts, the most sophisticated practices, as well as objective, theory, principle, or ethics of practice. Yet, the institution of correction is only starting to familiarize itself to the difficulties of recruiting and training capable correctional officers. There is an emerging understanding among radical superintendents that inadequately recruited, untrained staff is not merely incompetent but is disadvantageous as well. Untrained staff is rather doubtful to be the bearer of progressive principles and a positive ethos for correctional work. Corrections today are becoming increasingly intricate. Besides the problems created by lawbreakers day by day, correctional superintendents today should confront the issues of correctional personnel who usually feel a kind of prerogative and have a broad range of union supporters, lawyers, and laws available to them to help them resolve problematic issues. Almost all correction superintendents aspire to make the workplace a motivating, stable, secure, and safe environment where in personnel could face the job’s challenges with optimism and enthusiasm. ...
The law grants employers much leeway in the recruitment or hiring process when performed properly. Recruiting may involve three methods that will detect possible problem personnel: ‘background checks, physical agility tests, and probationary employment periods.’ Correctional managers could oblige potential officers to agree to a provision involving complete disclosure of their entire personal backgrounds and verification of those backgrounds or histories. This normally will identify any major issues with illegal conduct and even adverse social activities. Employers could oblige potential personnel to undergo a physical agility test; this procedure will help identify those with serious pre-existing deficiencies that may be drawn upon to file for compensation or disability claims. The third method, the probationary employment period, is usually performed ineffectively. The law permits superintendents to monitor the performance and behavior of the personnel a lot more thoroughly throughout the probationary period, and to discard employment if behavior and performance is unsatisfactory. Even though most previous employers remain cautious about giving unfavorable references for incompetent personnel, drawing on these three recruitment methods will lessen the problems of the correctional human resources department. In order to fill important personnel positions in corrections, a large number of recruitment or hiring methods are applied by the reporting system. The key procedure stated is job fairs. Other techniques identified were salaries for valid rural sites; on-site recruitment; placement or internship prospects; public notices; presenting at local conventions or meetings; incentives for effective employee recommendations; ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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