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Law Enforcements Need to Take a Proactive Approach to Non-ethical And Corruptive Behavior - Term Paper Example

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This paper talks that Senior officers in the law enforcement sector are well aware of police misconduct but unfortunately they punish them secretly leaving the society unsatisfied and in dire need of justice and integrity in the entire law enforcement sector…
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Law Enforcements Need to Take a Proactive Approach to Non-ethical And Corruptive Behavior
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Extract of sample "Law Enforcements Need to Take a Proactive Approach to Non-ethical And Corruptive Behavior"

Download file to see previous pages This report declares that supervisors need to be role models such that their junior officers will copy what they do but not what they say since unethical behavior of the supervisors plays an important role in training unethical behavior to the junior officers under their command. The administration should ensure that ethical training should not be limited to the junior officers only but should be spread in the whole organization so as to improve the level of personal commitment, integrity and professionalism. The law enforcement administrators have to approach issues related to integrity and ethics from a different perspective, so as to regain and maintain public trust and confidence. To avoid the major ones since the bigger the error the larger the consequence and this will entirely depend on the discipline of the senior officers who are the administrators of the entire law enforcement sector.
This paper makes a conclusion that the media should also avoid giving the public false information as this irritates the officers where they seek revenge from the public regardless of whether an individual is on the wrong or not. Not all officers are corrupt and brutal it is only a section of the police force that is corrupt and brutal, the administration should promote the efficient and non-corrupt officers so as to boost their self-esteem and motivate them, in addition to being giving them incentives and this will be a good example to the already corrupt officers to change for the better and at the end of the day this will repair the bad reputation of the same officers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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