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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: University People resourcing exam questions What does the academic literature tell organisations about the systematic approach to selection methods vs. competency approach? The greatest challenge facing today’s human recourse managers is the creation of an effective and a competent pool of employees in an organisation…
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Business: Techniques and Approaches in Selection Methods
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Download file to see previous pages Systematic selection technique aims at eliminating as many unqualified applicants as possible so that the recruitment panel remains with the most suitable candidate. Systematic approach uses several steps in identifying suitable applicants to fill a given job position (Goss 1994, p. 45). Job description The first step when using the systematic selection technique is to thoroughly and accurately describe the job offer. The job description should capture all aspects related to the job position in such a way that any interested candidate will be in a position to understand the job requirements easily. Essential information that should be captured on the job description include salary ranges, duties and responsibilities, desired qualifications, nature of the job such as contractual or permanent job, and any other information that may be deemed relevant in relation to the job in question. In addition to the job description step, HR managers have the responsibility to lay down the desired skills for a job, and this can be achieved by creating a skills inventory. A skills inventory helps in eliminating job applicants who do not meet the desired skills as described on the job description. ...
With the numerous advancements in technology, programs that can scan applicants’ resumes for the desired job matches are now available. This advancement has given HR managers an easy time when selecting the most suitable online applicants for interviews. After short listing qualified applicants for the interview, HR managers should prepare for the interview by contacting shortlisted applicants, stating the purpose of the interview, developing relevant questions and expected answers, and determine how to record interviewee responses (Michael 2003, p. 133). The final step involves decision making, which is based on evaluating the applicant’s suitability for the job position. Choosing the right candidate depends on all the evidence gathered throughout the selection process. Competency approach Unlike the systematic approach, which utilizes that art of describing job requirements and qualifications, competency approach dwells on the concept of competency analysis as a way of gathering essential information to help in improving the selection and recruitment processes. Competency is the ability to apply knowledge, skills, behaviours, abilities, and one’s personality in performing critical tasks or solving problems successfully. When using this approach, the underlying principle is that HR managers are in positions to identify the desired skills, knowledge, abilities, and other attributes needed in performing a certain job. Therefore, competency approach is an excellent predicator of how well a job seeker will carry out the assigned tasks (Saiyadain 2003, p. 62). In simple terms, competency approach is a behavioural job description that applies to each occupation and task. Depending on the specification of the job, a set of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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