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Cereal Aisle Analysis - Essay Example

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For purposes of this particular analysis, the author will discuss the means by which individuals behaved on the cereal aisle of a local grocery store. With regards the specific analysis which was engaged, this was done at a local grocery by the name of Publix. …
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Cereal Aisle Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages What was immediately noted once a full comparison was made between consumer behavior and activity upon other aisles as compared to the cereal aisle was stark. Ultimately, consumers would proceed through the other aisles in something of a robotic fashion; oftentimes shopping based upon price alone. Although there were more than a few deviations from this which were noted (namely with regards to purchases such as salad dressing and/or a desire to purchase a name brand when it came to spices or flavoring), the broad majority of consumer action that was noted upon the other aisles as compared to the cereal aisle was concentric upon a desire to purchase the lowest priced item and/or the store branded alternative. However, when many of these individuals approached the cereal aisle, a different level of consumer behavior was served entirely. As such, rather than choosing the cheapest brand or being particularly health-conscious, another aspect consumer behavior that was noted on many of the aisles, individuals invariably gave in to their basic desires and preferences. This was noted as a far greater majority of branded cereal was the choice of the consumer and a much higher percentage of extraordinarily unhelpful cereal was chosen as compared to store branded/healthy alternatives. As has been defined earlier in this analysis, the individuals within the grocery store in question were specifically interested in the overall price structure and healthfulness of the food item in question. However, when they proceeded to the cereal aisle, these concerns invariably were thrown to the wind (Hurley & Lieberman, 2005). This deviation from standard consumer behavior is perhaps a very good ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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