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After visiting INSERT STORE HERE and INSERT STORE HERE, careful analysis of the marketing principles being used with different types of cereal was conducted. The two cereal brands identified for discussion were Lucky Charms, by General Mills, and Frosted Mini Wheats, by…
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Bus 10 cereal marketing
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Download file to see previous pages The marketing strategy for this cereal is to use innovative and colorful packaging which appeals to the needs of the youth group consumers. For example, Lucky Charms is attempting to position the product in terms of the product, by making it seem magical or with the ability to enhance the emotional well-being of the youth buyer. The marshmallows used on the packaging are well-animated, using stars and other graphics to highlight this particular product feature. The rest of the packaging is designed to make the marshmallow feature look more like a benefit, therefore packaging is very important in this cereal’s marketing strategy.
The company positions Lucky Charms against other competing cereals with marshmallows or with similar flavor in terms of product, while others might be using quality or incentives marketing to draw buyers. For example, some competing cereals with Lucky Charms were using free inside marketing strategies which offered toy cars or stickers. Lucky Charms continues to draw on its strong brand presence and the high level of brand recall which the main character, the leprechaun, provides the cereal brand. To target the youth buyers, or those who can influence parental shopping behaviors, Lucky Charms needs packaging and product positioning in order to accomplish the long-term sales strategy.
Frosted Mini Wheats, however, caters to more of a mass market demographic, with some boxes of Mini Wheats identifying the goodness of whole grains while others were promoting the flavorful, sugary side of the cereal. Consumers are currently demanding more healthy food options (Reyes, 2006). The mass market focus is for the adult consumer who is looking for better healthy eating with whole grains, the mass market consumer with a taste for flavor in shredded wheat, and the youth buyer who would value the product for its ability to assist in socialization or improvement of memory while in-class. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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