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Stat assigment - Assignment Example

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Every day, consumers navigate through the cereal aisles in order to find the most nutritious, tastiest products (Sifferlin). Due to the increase in concerns over obesity, people tend to find the…
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Stat assigment
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Download file to see previous pages It will help in their search for cereal with desired calories. If the desired calorie is close to the statistical mean, it will be easier to find a brand; however if the desired calorie, for example, two standard deviation away from the statistical mean, it would take more time. The search time will depend on the shape of the frequency distribution of calories of cereal population. The task will present data in the form of charts and graphs, determine central tendency of collected data, calculate dispersion through standard deviation, and define skewness of sample data.
The title of the project is Statistical Evaluation of Calories from Breakfast Cereals. The aims of the task are to collect a sample from a population of breakfast cereals available in the market and conduct a statistical evaluation of calories. The data of each sample represents the published calorie value of 100 grams of breakfast cereals. The frame is the published calorie values, and the sample size for this study is 30. Sample size is calculated based on literature review for determining the sample size based of known population. The formula is (“Sample Size Calculator”), Sample size for finite population = sample size / (1 + ((sample size - 1)/population)).
The concept of data in statistics implies variables and its values. Variables are names, such as; age, height, salary, temperature, gender, hair color, field of study, degree of satisfaction. In statistics variables can be quantitative and categorical. Selection of quantitative or categorical variables depends on the research type that one intends to carry. Each variable possesses some values; gender variable contains only male and female values while, for example, temperature variable may contain any numerical value. Variables and values together are called data. In statistical research data are classified as quantitative and qualitative. Some research needs quantitative data, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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