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Shangrila Hotel Singapore - Assignment Example

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The researcher paper discussion covers a summary of significant changes and trends through PESTEL analysis.Shangrila Hotel in Singapore has developed a perfect SBU that takes control of all market segmentation and products and services offering…
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Shangrila Hotel Singapore
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Download file to see previous pages  Luxurious hotels were only visited by designated group of people in a given class. Shangrila Hotel has evolved into the most viable and profitable hotel in Singapore due to the presence of major changes in the hotel management. Shangrila Hotel has provided services available to people in all classes irrespective of income levels. In 2009, Shangrila Hotel acquired several hotels in Malasyia a step that made the organization increase the number of customers. In addition, the hotel management owned 80% of the hotel in Puteri Harbour, Johor a strategy that allowed Shangrila Hotel to increase its share stakes by 20% (Yeap 2013). Secondly, Shangrila Hotel had a significant change with her managerial roles. According to Tracy (2008), the hotel industry is undergoing rapid change in management through hiring technologically advanced and socially responsible managers. In an effort to cope with the global competition, Shangrila Hotel hired new managers who were proficient and competent in the hotel industry. In addition, the organization hired managers in charge of finance, marketing, and human resources in order to ensure accountability of all employees and company revenues. Customers are the source of profit for an industry, which means their environment should be well viewed at carefully to avoid certain incidences, which might be of risk to them. In the present environment, hotel customers seek humble and human places where people have respect for visitors irrespective of backgrounds. (Kotler and Armstrong 2011). The hotel has practiced a strong corporate culture and personnel that ensured visitors from all corners of the earth receive quality treatment irrespective of culture, race, or denomination. Holding a strong corporate cultural responsibility has increased Shangrila Hotel competence through contributing to the high achievement. Shangrila Hotel is ranked among the top hotels in Hong Kong for quality hospitality. Moroever, the hotel has undetaken employees training programs to educate them about corporate culture and how to maintain loyalty towards customers.
Relevant changes and trends in the macroenvironment (PESTEL Analysis)
Organizations undergo significant changes and trends in the macroenvironment that assist in wining the competitive advantage. The following changes have taken place in Shangrila Hotel macroenvironment.
The hotel has changed from the older strategies and adapted the newly acceptable methods in line with Singapore constitution. In addition, Shangrila Hotel has many tributary hotels aroung the globe and the management ensures every hotel operates accoring to the country’s political requirements.
Shangrila Hotel has changed its economic climate has changed into a more economic methods of operations. The company has a group of economic experts who provide the necessary information on the expected risks in the economic world. The hotle managment has resulted into a new ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Shangrila Hotel Singapore Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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