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This essay aims to evaluate the staff learning and development procedures of selected organizations gathered through the use of the website or internet, magazine and newspaper. It aims to explain which learning theories underpin the staff learning and the logic of using those theories…
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Staff Learning and Development in Organizations
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"Staff Learning and Development in Organizations"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "Staff Learning and Development in Organizations" aims to evaluate the staff learning and development procedures of selected organizations gathered through the use of the website or internet, magazine and newspaper. It aims to explain which learning theories underpin the staff learning and the logic of using those theories. The organization being analyzed is the University of Maryland Libraries, which is a group or a department in that particular university responsible for providing the needs of sources of information for the student's researches, studies, assignments and so on. With the increase in the demand for sources of information of the students, faculty, staff and the university, they have transformed and developed their strategies in response to this increasing change to provide their users quality service, to achieve the organizations’ goals and objectives and to improve the organization’s performance through staff development. They had applied the Learning Theory of Learning as Understanding with which, they used the cognitive processing of information to internalize principles, integrate perceptions into existing models. They had conducted seminars, conferences and launched curriculum specifically for the purpose of upgrading the quality of services provided by their library staff. As a result of such staff learning and development, the employees of that department had received intrinsic rewards and motivation. The library personnel had become self-driven meaning., they had the initiative to perform actions necessary for the improvement of the whole organization, they developed personal ambitions and the desire to understand and solve problems with their own. As a whole, the organization had produced and maintained a diverse population of improved and skilled library staff contributing to the success of the organization.


The issue presented on the source from the magazine is about upgrading the proficiency of test questions given to students and the quality of teachers. The issue is to conduct statewide testing to ensure that students are performing well and to assess the quality of teachers with regards to the results of the statewide test. The Achieve, a group of governors and business leaders that pushes for high academic standards is the organization responsible for training and developing quality teachers in the said state.

They had adopted the learning theories of BF Skinner which involves stimuli and consequences; reinforce responses through reward and praise. The output of the said statewide testing determines the promotion and salaries of the teachers. It is then with this reason that the teachers and different associations concerned had help each other to provide students quality materials which they can use to upgrade their academic capacities. They had provided the students books, journals, magazines, CD-ROMs, multimedia, web links and the like.

In terms of motivation, teachers received greater rewards, higher pay and promotion qualifications. They had ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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