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Human Resources departments are regarded as strategic partners in an organization besides the traditional administration roles. HR managers work with the senior management in establishing the strategic direction of the organization…
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Knowledge and Talent Development
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Download file to see previous pages The effectiveness of employees, as designed in the HR strategies, is a crucial component in achieving positive business outcomes. Every company has a comprehensive and structured set of techniques that an organization adopts in order to improve quality, efficiency, and reliability of their goods and services. These strategies are all geared towards making the organization globally competitive and adhere to the established standards and best business practices. This approach cuts across all departments, employees, suppliers and the clients of the organization. Talent development and knowledge management are geared towards improving the performance of both the employees and organization. According to Garavan Et al (2012), talent developments are activities that ensure the rightful management of the human resources. Talent development in organizations has progressed in line with changes experienced in the world such as globalization, technology, and culture. Talent development leads to efficient systems that result in job satisfaction, effective career growth, increased motivation, and organizational commitment of the employees. As a result, this leads to the creation of a favorable working environment build on trust and relationship where employees are able to make proper and informed judgments. Knowledge and Talent Development According Herzberg’s Hygiene theory on employee motivation, employees experience job contentment when they fulfill career growth and needs (Lunenburg & Ornstein, 2012, p. 16). When employees exhibit a strong desire to be part of a particular organization, they are willing to exert high levels of their efforts on behalf of their organization. Employee satisfaction plays a pivotal function in increasing the productivity of employees. Motivation commits the employees to work passionately in order to gain promotion, new skills, more remuneration, and benefits. The employees of an organization need to be provided with the necessary information, training, mentoring, and coachin ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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