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Sustainable Talent Management Name Instructor Task Date Sustainable Talent Management Introduction Talent management refers to the systematic attraction, development and deployment of individuals who add value to an organization by conducting critical administrative processes…
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Sustainable Talent Management
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"Sustainable Talent Management"

Download file to see previous pages Many leaders experience challenges while trying to gain sustainable competitive advantage in the current dynamic business environment. Organizations have created an environment that supports talent management and advances peoples’ needs. This is with the intention of addressing challenges that may arise (Deb, 2005). It is vital for the performance management process to allow persons with the right talent to handle specific tasks at an appropriate time. Most organizations handle varied issues affecting the line executives and human resource professionals in their businesses. Organizations apply different management process to measure employee talents. This is apparent when measuring the organizational performance against pre-set objectives (Povah & Thornton, 2011). The process unites every actor within a given organization and draws attention on qualitative measures and quantitative objectives of an organization. The process applies a strategically oriented focus within the performance management process that allows the talent management process to be effective. Organizations and businesses use different methods when measuring talents among the employees. Most managers accurately measure the talent of every candidate and employee in their organizations. This enables them match the best talent and job; furthermore, it encourages them to support, motivate, manage and develop talents among employees. Accurate talent measurement is significant because it enables employees to perform their task appropriately, increasing profit within organizations. The process is vital to an organization because it enables employees to understand their strength and weaknesses making them learn how adapt to the working environment (Deb, 2005). Organizations use different approaches such as conducting interviews, understanding leadership success factors and applying leadership review process when measuring the talents among employees. This usually takes place through random interviews or conducting reference calls (Berger, 2010). The leader then observes the behavior and traits of the involved individual as seen when he or she handles the job. Talents measurement may also focus on observing personal attributes and core skills. This helps the manager understand the benefits that an individual may bring to an organization. Analyze the key concepts related to the talent pools and the talent review process. The talent pool is a development process that focuses on the concept and principles within an organization. Initially, the organizations assert that every employee is a member of the talent pool. Consequently, the development of problem solving ability among individuals starts during the youth until maturity implying that everyone possesses an inherent potential of cognitive development over time (Berger, 2010). The main aim of the talent pool process is to analyze both the present and future roles played by an individual and their capabilities. This process has a line manager who is responsible for observing talents with the help of human resource who offers support. Managers conduct different functions such as coaching for employees to perform their current roles (Galagan, 2011). A retired manager plays a mentoring role by ensuring that subordinates conduct their roles fully. The managers and retired managers record the results ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sustainable Talent Management
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Sustainable Talent Management
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Sustainable Talent Management
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