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Leadership and Management - Essay Example

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While leadership involves setting new direction and vision for people or a group of people to follow so that the leader is that spearhead for the new direction,…
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Leadership and Management
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Extract of sample "Leadership and Management"

Insert Explaining The Relationship between Management and Leadership Although leadership and management are closely connected, yet they are distinct but dependent of each other. While leadership involves setting new direction and vision for people or a group of people to follow so that the leader is that spearhead for the new direction, management directs or controls resources, people or a group according to established values or principles.
Leadership and management are dependent of each other and profoundly affect each other. For one, leadership entails leading people so as to help them manage work. In this light, a leader will show the way by introducing and solidifying processes and systems that ensure that organisational synergy is expended in a manner efficient enough to catalyse maximum production and attainment of organisational goals. In the absence of unfocused leadership, management strategies also become confused or ineffective. This is because it takes sound leadership to introduce and buttress sound policies and organisational practices which promote efficiency, professionalism and healthy personnel welfare. The converse is also true that sound management policies also capture, retain and nurture essential talents and skills by following the principles of sustainable talent management, for instance (Nienaber, 690-1).
Explaining personal and professional skills required for effective management
According to Patti, both personal and professional skills are essential for effective management. Personal skills produce sound judgement and are expended as professional skills. Though punctuality, honesty and seriousness are personal skills, a time conscious and manager is bound to inject punctuality, integrity and professionalism in his management style of running certain or all organisational processes that are under him. So integral is personal and professional skills to effective management that professional skills and effective management cannot exist in the absence of personal skills. This is because virtue and values have to start at personal level before they become organisational values. A manager who lacks personal skills or values cannot inject them into the life and processes of his organisation simply because one cannot transmit what he does not have (Patti, et al, 263).
Analysing how management and leadership style impacts on the achievement of organisational objectives
Leadership style impacts effective management and organisational objectives since values that help in the attainment proceed from leadership. Effective leadership styles facilitate, influence, motivate and lead employees to adopt organisational and professional culture and approaches. These approaches are translated into effective management. For instance, leadership will analyse a problem and improvise new, better and more creative solutions. Democratic, transformational, transactional and consultative leadership will also use commitment, charisma and professionalism to motivate others to focus on excelling and problem-solving. In this case, organisational processes, systems and approaches may be adopted into management styles by embracing technology, encouraging flow of information, observing sustainable talent management and democratising internal and external organisational management. Since these practices are effective management concepts which proceed from leadership, they may lead to the attainment of organisational objectives (Victor and Malcolm, 110-12).
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