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Expanding Service Operations Across Borders - Essay Example

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This essay concentrates on the manner in which Banyan Tree has accomplished its principal player status within the lavish resorts and health resort market. It also explores how it is able to influence its strong points and distinctive competencies to handle its competitors in the market…
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Expanding Service Operations Across Borders
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Extract of sample "Expanding Service Operations Across Borders"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that triumph of the company of Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts can be accredited to that management comprehended what the consumers value, built the Banyan Tree brand, and put that understanding into the application to form a truly distinguished consumer experience. As the corporation goes international, it faces the new-fangled possibilities, presented through increased funds, and new predicaments, for instance, demands enforced by shareholders. Banyan Tree Hotels, along with Resorts had unquestionably accomplished a distinguishing position within the sumptuous resort's business. One of the major predicaments, which lay at the forefront of the business, was the manner in which it could maintain its competitive advantage to preserve its marketplace position. Despite the fact that Banyan Tree took pleasure in a high-flying status amongst its competitors as soon as it initially started out, since then, there has been greater competition than before from different contenders offering comparable products, as well as services. The huge price gap within the lavish resort's market imply that customers who are from the middle-upper class are supposed to either draw out to make ultra deluxe resorts payments, for instance, Aman, or decide to be guests at resorts, nonetheless luxurious, accommodated to the masses of people. He found out that the business opening brought about by the gap within the resorts marketplace. This is because room existed for pricier resorts and additionally elite, which would accommodate the middle-upper class of individuals better. These customers had better spending influence compared to the average customer within the mass marketplace and would have the capacity to manage to pay for and ready to pay for an elite, premium service. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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