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A Report on Social Marketing Campaign - Essay Example

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HIV AND AIDS SOCIAL MARKETING AMONG THE INJECTABLE DRUG USERS 1.1 Background Kotler and Zaltman (1989) were the first to use the term social marketing in 1971 in reference to marketing application to social and health problem solution. Social marketing is defined as "the design, implementation and control of programs calculated to influence the acceptability of social ideas and involving considerations of product planning, pricing, communication, distribution and marketing research"…
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A Report on Social Marketing Campaign
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"A Report on Social Marketing Campaign"

Download file to see previous pages The spread of HIV and AIDS is mainly caused by social and health problems, therefore social marketing offers mechanisms for solving such problems through encouraging people to live healthier lifestyles. According to Kotler & Roberto (1989); Rogers (1995), the idea of diffusion and social marketing has been transformed to form strategies for use by the public throughout Asia, Africa, North America and south America. According to the United Nations, in the past two decades 60 million people have been infected by HIV/AIDS and reportedly 20 million deaths have been reported. Ninety-five percent of the infected population presently live in developing countries. The report on the Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic, UNAIDS (2002) warned that unless prevention and treatment measures are put in place and followed diligently, over 68 million people would die in the next 20 years. Established cases of HIV/AIDS infection have increased in occurrence throughout different region and numerous countries report severe HIV epidemics amongst injecting drug users (IDUs). The countries with high frequency of HIV infections among IDUs are Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, India and Iran. Justification One of the major HIV/AIDS epidemic accelerants is the drug abuse and misuse. The major barrier in the fight against new HIV infections, recent drug use and emerging responses is the limited up-to date information on the magnitude of the problem. Reports across several countries on the number of HIV infection cases show drastic increase among IDUs. Countries in transition and especially developing countries are extremely susceptible to drug abuse and the risks associated therewith, piling serious burden on already frail health and social facilities. UNAIDS (2002) and WHO (2004) state that there was and still is the potential for a main outbreak of HIV among the IDUs particularly in Russia and bordering countries in the Eastern Europe and in other numerous countries especially across Asia. In some countries with high HIV frequency among the IDUs, HIV prevention measures have been implemented however reports of low effective impact ability upon epidemic among the IDUs is due to their limited availability and thus receive few drug users. On the other hand some assessed countries are yet to enact policies that specifically address HIV/AIDS issues affecting the IDUs. Some countries rarely address the issue before it becomes an epidemic and therefore the policy makers and programs tasked with the drug use and HIV are deemed unnecessary. Across the world over, HIV and AIDS response in Australia is recognised as a success. The national prevalence is lower compared to other high income countries. Through peer education and community based organisations the IDUs, gay communities, and sex workers in Australia on a national gesture prepared early and efficient on the embryonic crisis such as providing support, care and education on the importance of safe sex and drug injecting practises. Initially, the government and healthcare professionals established sturdy leadership program, across the affected communities and the epidemic at large. Australia continues to utilize and gain from the good leadership foundation and the level of the policy innovation. For instance, the implementation of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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