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Human Resource Development: Recruitment and Orientation - Case Study Example

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The researcher states that management refers to the act of operating and managing activities to achieve success in the business. It is a process of getting activities done through people in order to achieve the stated goals and objectives of the manager…
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Human Resource Development: Recruitment and Orientation
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Download file to see previous pages Planning involves the process of making decisions prior to what is to be done, how to do it, as well as when and where is it going to be made. It is based on the choice of the course of actions. Planning enables the manager or an individual to select from the available alternatives to achieve expected results. As part of planning, human resource, planning is very necessary. It is a process involving the identification of personnel skills, occupational categories, performance and developmental needs of employees in an organization. Human resource planning includes the process of recruitment, selection, and orientation of the new employee to the company. Effective planning is essential for managers to ensure success in attaining the desired organizational goals and objectives (Chermack & Swanson, 2008).
The central problem for the ABC Company is ineffective human resource planning in the recruitment and the indoctrination process. Carl Robins is the organization's new recruiter and it was the first recruitment effort for the company. He had hired 15 new trainees who were to work for the company but before working, they were to be oriented to the activities they were to undertake in their positions. Orientation is a very crucial process of the indoctrination process to improve efficiency and effectiveness and save time and cost for the business. He drew an orientation schedule and planned for, the orientation to be made on 15 June hoping that all his new trainees would be ready to work by July. On May 15, Carl contacted Robins the operations supervisor on the training program, orientation activities, policy booklets, manuals, physicals, drug tests and other issues that robins were to coordinate to promote the recruitment and orientation process.
However, Robins assured Carl that everything would be organized and arranged. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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