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Recruitment and retention for qualified staff - Essay Example

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Recruitment and Retention for Qualified Staff Introduction In this age of extreme competitiveness, the best weapon that might help an organization to enhance its level of sustainability is ‘Human Resource’. The entire strength and efficiency of an organization is mainly dependent over the power of the employees…
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Recruitment and retention for qualified staff
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the power of switch over or turnover of the employees might get reduced thereby amplifying the process of retention. Hence, it might be stated that, effective management and control of the human resource is directly responsible for their retention and improvement. This might prove effective in enhancing the level of functioning and competitive leverage of the organization among other new entrants. Literature review According to Sass (2012), human resource acts as the main pillar of an organization. Without which, an organization may not function effectively for longer period of time. As a result, the dominance and effectiveness of the organization might get fader slowly and gradually in all aspects as compared to other rivals operating in the similar segment. Therefore, in order to retain such essential resources, human resource management is extremely essential. Human resource management is the process used in recruiting and presenting training programs to the employees within an organization. Due to which, an employee might become more valuable and worthy for the organization in this age. However, to increase the effectiveness of the employees, they need to be offered with accurate type of job orientation and scheduling programs that might enhance the skills and talents of the employee as well as the total productivity of the organization. As a result, the level of dedication and performance of employees towards job responsibilities of them might get enhanced. It is extremely essential for an employee to enhance his wage rate as well as retention power among other fresh and talented individual of this recent age (White & Drucker, 2013, p. 345-378). Other than this, management of the organization also might try to recruit the exact person for the exact job, so as to enhance the level of efficiency and devotion of the employee. Side by side, it might also help in enhancement of the total productivity and profit margin of the organization in the market among others. Hence it might be depicted clearly that experienced and talented employees are the most valuable assets of an organization, without which it may not prosper in the market (Price, 2011, p. 345-489). According to Price (2011), human resource management comprises of recruitment, development and retention of the experienced and talented employees so as to accomplish the strategic goals and objectives. However, it might be possible only if the employees are presented with varied types of benefits and incentives as per their level of performances. This strategy might prove effective for the employees in enhancing its level of motivation and loyalty towards responsibilities and tasks. Due to which, the level of performance of the employees might get enhanced thereby improving its dominance among other junior employees of the organization. It might also prove helpful for the employee in creating a substantial position (just as a leader) in the organization among others. As a result, these employees (leaders) might help in resolving varied types of disputes thereby implementing uniformity and consistency within the organization. Thus, the level of retention of the experienced employees might get increased thereby reducing the level of attrition (Barrett & Mayson, 2008, p. 346-456). Therefore, retention or recruitment of the experienced employees might help in enhancing the level of productivity and total sale of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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