Answer two questions base on The case study: United Health International - Coursework Example

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The organization has established and flourished its operations through merger with different NGOs in various parts of the world. Correspondingly, the…
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Answer two questions base on The case study: United Health International
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Download file to see previous pages This particular section of the essay will aim at depicting the issues that prevails within the sphere of HR practices of the social organization. These issues are further affecting the performance of the NGO in one way or the other.
It is evident that human resource management (HRM) is the most vital part that is integrally associated with the operations of any particular business unit irrespective of the sector in which the company operates. It is noted that human resource management often includes proper management of the resources of a business so that better results can be ascertained from the same owing to their dedication as well as effectiveness (Civil Service Branch, 1995). It is believed that management of employees, which is aligned with HR practices of business, includes understanding about the nature of the people of the workplace in terms of their abilities and skills. Likewise, the HR manager has the need to emerge with the ideas to utilize these skills towards meeting the goals and objectives of the company. Proper management of human resource within any particular workplace will certainly result in better performance from the employees end within the workplace. However, in the absence of an environment where management is less concerned about the employees or the people in the workplace, the outcome from the same might not be positive or appropriate (Strandberg, 2009). Similar aspects could be depicted within the operations of the NGO i.e. UHI, which has encountered with problems relevant to HR issues within the workplace in various branches of the organization operating worldwide. The two main headquarter of the company is situated in Canada and Vienna. Most of the human resources of the organization is controlled and steered by the respective departments from these two headquarters. Emergency utilization of human resources are executed by department situated in the Montreal division of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Answer Two Questions Base on The Case Study: United Health Coursework.
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