How employees react when facing organization change and what HR manager should do - Dissertation Example

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The external environment of business organisations are not only susceptible to large amount of changes relating to the demands of consumers but also relating to social, economic, technological and legislative parameters…
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How employees react when facing organization change and what HR manager should do
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Download file to see previous pages Thus business organisations to effectively exist in such a changing environment are required to incorporate newer changes or modifications and also to innovate in terms of processes and systems followed. However organisations in the course of rendering or incorporating such changes are found to gain relevant resistance from employee bodies. The paper in the above light tends to conduct a research relating to business sectors like automobile manufacturing, retail and information technology wherein through secondary and primary research activity it focuses on the different employee reactions to changes and needed management interventions thereof.

Globalization along with worldwide competition has exerted great pressure on organizational leaders and managers for constantly adapting themselves and workforces to the changing business conditions and circumstances. Organizations are constantly exposed to the dynamic nature of the business world and frequent economic fluctuations. The organisations pertaining to the changes in the external social and economic environment require aptly changing or adjusting their internal structures and policies to rightly suit the external environmental changes. Organisations having failed to rightly adapt them to the external social and economic changes have thereby failed to withstand the demands emanating from its external structure and thereby faded away. Changes that tend to take place inside the organisation occur along different categories. Categories of inside organisational changes occur pertaining to changes in leadership or management style, to the introduction of new organisational performance and technology policies and methodologies and also belong to the changes rendered in the existing organisational structure. It may also pertain to the changes in systems and policies brought about in terms of mobilising existing organisational resources for better performance. These types of organisational changes are required to be brought about in the light of changing social, political, legislative, economic and technological scenario in the external landscape of the concern. Internal changes within the concern also bear relation to the changes in the managerial structures inside the concern. New managers, policies or technological and infrastructural developments sought within the concern tend to have variegated impacts on the work-life relationships of organisational people at different levels. Changes within the existing organisational structure and policies are embraced by the managers employed both at middle and top level owing to future promises and expectations of better organisational performance in the related business sector. Thus with the help of changes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How employees react when facing organization change and what HR manager should do

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