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Human Resources Strategies - Essay Example

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Unethical behavior of job applicants has detrimental effect on the performance of the organization. Misrepresenting background and skills is a common unethical behavior with most job applicants. This occurs when a job recruiter demands for particular skills and the job applicant in chooses to deliberately misrepresent his or her skills to get the job…
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Human Resources Strategies
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Download file to see previous pages Job applicants who take on-site interviews without seriously considering the prospective employer emerge to be ethically incorrect. Such candidates in most cases do not attend the interviews or written test as it is a requirement of any organization before employment (Kleiman, 2009). Ethical job applicants are prepared at all times and when unable to attend the interviews or written tests due to an important reason, they always inform their employer well in advance and ask him or her to make another arrangement if possible. Unethical job applicants who only take the on-site interviews knowing very well that they are not considering the organization a potential employer makes the organization to lose both financially and man hours in preparing interviews and written test.
Job applicants who engage in unethical behaviors pose a great negative impact to the production of the organization. Such behaviors as laziness hastiness, being late for work and leaving early or not taking responsibilities of the new job seriously gives a strong negative impression to the employer. Candidates of this kind are less productive and do not perform to the standards expected by the employer. As such a conflict is likely to arise between the employer and the employee. This can often lead to organization failure in achieving its goals (Kleiman, 2009). There are job applicants who engage in unethical behavior such as bribery in order to get employed. Job recruiters when confronted by such situations may fail to make rational decision and avoid errors and this ending up in an unfair recruitment. This significantly lowers the reputation and tarnishes the name of the organization. Unethical job applicants may lead to hiring of employees and over staffing due to overoptimistic projections. When this projection are not met, unpleasant measures by the organization are employed in order to please the stakeholders and keep in pace with the competitors. These are measures in an attempt to cutback, restructure and downsize the organization are undertaken (Kleiman, 2009). Such an undertaking harms the future recruitment efforts of the organization, as potential employees will develop a perception of job insecurity in the particular organization. Furthermore, over staffing directly leads to underutilization of the talented recruits that leads to dissatisfaction. As such the corporate loyalty of the organization is impacted negatively. Each member of the human resource is therefore faced with the challenge of developing convincing ideas and priorities in trying to come up with the solutions to the problem. Furthermore, unethical job applicants leads to a decrease in morale among the workers in an organization. The middle class managers and those who are actually involve in bringing the positive change to the organization become pessimistic about the possibility of sustained future change. This way, they start questioning their ability to make reasonable profit to the organization. Such a situation calls for the each member of the human resource to see into ways of totally transforming the organization. The corporate culture, knowledge base, skills level, style of leadership and team orientation would have to undergo change, for all the employees. The human each member of th ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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