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Implementation of human resources strategies in the chosen organization - Essay Example

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The first step of any organization after recruiting any employee is focussing upon the aspect of training and development. Training is often viewed to be an educational process which provides better understanding to the employees regarding entire work procedure, reinforcing existing knowledge along with skills, new work or operational process and ideas among others…
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Implementation of human resources strategies in the chosen organization
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Download file to see previous pages 2.0 SHRM Practice 1 (Training and Development) Introduction and Importance. The first step of any organization after recruiting any employee is focussing upon the aspect of training and development (T&D). In this regard, training is often viewed to be an educational process which provides better understanding to the employees regarding entire work procedure, reinforcing existing knowledge along with skills, new work or operational process and ideas among others. On the other hand, development is often viewed to be the process through which an organization tries to make the employees more efficient towards facing critical challenges and perform significant responsibilities. It is a process which concentrates or focuses on developing the broader skills of the personnel that are applicable to a wider variety of situations like creative thinking, judgment making and managing workforce among others. In short, it can be affirmed that training is generally related to a particular subject matter, whereas, development deals with a wide variety of subjects. The importance of T&D is quite vital for any organization as it supports the organisations towards enhancing organisational effectiveness along with raising overall productivity. It is worth mentioning that the main purpose behind conducting along with implementing the aspect of T&D is to develop the skills of the employees resulting in developing their operational performance at large (Salvi, n.d.). 2.1 Critically Explain and Elaborate In Terms Of Stages and Steps, How It Can Be Implemented In the Chosen Company. The stages or steps relating to training and development have been portrayed hereunder. The Mission Statement: It...
From the overall analysis, it can be affirmed that in order to maintain an effective flow in the organisational process, it is quite vital for Nokia to incorporate as well as to execute different vital SHRM practices. These practices might encompass performance management, compensation and training along with development among others. It is worth mentioning that different important HR related aspects like analysis along with the design of work force, planning, recruiting, and employee relation plays a decisive part in supporting organisations towards accomplishing its expected business targets. Thus, it can be concluded that the above-discussed SHRM practices would eventually support Nokia towards developing its progress in the next five years in terms of enhancing their entire business performance and raising productivity by a greater level. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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