The Links between Corporate Strategy and Human Resources - Research Paper Example

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The paper 'The Links between Corporate Strategy and Human Resources' presents human resource management and their roles in the implementation of the cooperate strategy. The overall purpose of the research is the achievement of a comprehensive human resource strategy…
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The Links between Corporate Strategy and Human Resources
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Download file to see previous pages The saddest fact in the recent trend has been to assume or overlook the roles human resources play in a particular organization. With the current age of automation, scores of managers look upon the machines as vital components for executing their business strategies. They tend to shift their focus from the human aspect of their business operations and concentrate on the technological aspect. On the same note, the current business age calls for comprehensive strategies from business organizations that aim to remain in the market. With globalization as the target mark for many companies, every business organization will strive to achieve it. However, the only route for the achievement of the same lays in the careful planning and implementations of an all-inclusive market-related plan that is termed as corporate strategies. The formulation and implementations of corporate strategies have been seen as a decisive tool in the growth of a company only if a proper correlation between the same and the human capital has been made. For a long time, human capital has been only valued in terms of their labor output per unit; with their roles in the implementation of corporate ignored in most cases. This paper looks into the links between corporate strategy and human resources with due considerations to Sedibeng breweries from South Africa.
A strategy is simply a plan that is aimed at making a company or a business organization to market itself to attain a larger share of market from its competitors (Miller, 1989). Thus, the process is entirely a marketing plan that is aimed at making that particular business unit to have a relatively different and unique platform that will distinguish its activities from those of its competitors, to gain a competitive advantage. If the management’s plan of making the company to gain a competitive advantage involves the entire shift in an organization, then the plan becomes a corporate one. It will thus involve the top managerial decisions that could change the way the company is operating.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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