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Management Concepts Application: Zara - Term Paper Example

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In order to understand the implementation of the managerial concepts in practice, the paper considers a multi-national firm called Zara, a fashion apparel retail business and a part of the Inditex Group. It is headquartered in Spain and has its shops and stores worldwide.  …
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Management Concepts Application: Zara
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Download file to see previous pages  A single team does not decide the concepts and designs of the products at Zara. These products are developed and undergo changes over time. Specific collections are managed by small teams dedicated to individual sections in the store pertaining to men, women, and children. Usually, a team comprises of a couple of designers and two product managers who are involved with buying the cloth material, fixing of prices and placing the orders for the items required. (Mcafer, Dessain, Sioman, 2004)
The immediate next to the product managers of the team is the store product managers whose work was to survey the changing consumer trends and also assist in the transfer of items from one store to another according to the need of time. They work in close association with the designers and the other stores and consumers. Their work is essential to help the product managers of the team decide about what designs to sell and what to get rid of. With the help of the vertical integration of logistics, they have managed to shorten the supply chain response from the normal 20-30 weeks to approximately 8 weeks. (Anderson and Lovejoy, March 2007) They believe that customer’s sense of fashion changes on weekly basis and not on a season basis. Their well-connected operational mechanism helps the managers to take fast and suitable decisions. It is natural for a multi-national like Zara especially in a business where demands will shift almost on weekly basis to engage in a flexible decision-making regime where decisions are welcome from all levels. The headquarters are more concerned with social responsibility (example, working conditions of the factories), business ethics and the brand image of the company rather than what to sell, when and where. These decisions are passed on to the middle and lower levels of management whoa re expected to know the customer best.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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