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Leadership itself is not a static concept. In fact, it is quite dynamic and constantly changing. Today’s world reflect this is in the way that leaders set the pace to be…
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Communication - Team leardership
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Future of Team Leadership Future of Team Leadership Step The article Leadership by Sara Nolan reflects much ofwhat we are currently discussing in class. Leadership itself is not a static concept. In fact, it is quite dynamic and constantly changing. Today’s world reflect this is in the way that leaders set the pace to be globally competitive. This article is a worthwhile read because it focuses on current trends in team leadership and looks forward to what the future will look like in this area. It is also beneficial because it analyzes real life case studies in order to make various points about leadership development and the process of leadership during times of change.
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As I enter into new situations, I look to leaders to help guide me. One leader in my life has been at work. As I am given new tasks, this person guides me and helps me to learn new skills that will help me to be more successful. This is an effective leadership trait. It is not beneficial to an organization to simply give a task to the team and then provide no direction. Effective leaders are those individuals that are willing to go the extra mile to truly lead by example. Another leader in one of our government officials that I admire. He has adapted to the perceptions of his constituency and truly tries to lead them, and does not try to make us follow him. That is a big difference. Leaders do shape vision and direction, but if they do not reflect the desires of the team, then difficulty will surely arise.

Nolan, S. (2014). Leadership. Strategic HR Review, 13(1), 1. Read More
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